8th Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season, Top Players And Clans

Just check out the complete details of this 8th Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season. Get to know that who are the top players and top most clans in this Arena Season. Just 2 weeks back, this season came to a close. It was one of the exciting and refreshing seasons we had with regard to this game. For the information, by far we have managed to get 220,000 players who have now become the winners of these Legendary trophies.

Details about 8th Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season

NOVA clan Was The Highlight

In this season, Nova clan was the main highlight. This clan was the major spotlight in this season. This clan managed to get spot to be called as the best clan. From this Nova clan, we also get the top most player for this season. In this exciting season, we got to see the player Ko Magnet, this player fully showed his skills. He fully attacked his enemies and opponents and clearly proved us that he has the utmost best skills. He got this mixed account and beat all his enemies firmly. We also came across this fellow clan member, his name is Wisdomkaka. He came at the number 3 spot. He too participated and took part in the 360 invitational tournament. In this 8th Legendary Arena Season, he was representing HKE sports. Then we had the former one Sumou player, he was ranked at the 36 spot when it comes to the players rankings and ratings.

Arab Union Clan was also on The Rise in this 8th Legendary Arena Season

In this 8th Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season, we also saw that this Arab Union clan was on the massive rise. Its one of the 2 players managed to be at the top 20 players. Another interesting thing happens in this season, you will be surprised to know that 2 of the clans make a merging in this season and their clan is now named as USA Rivals. This initiative of Legendary Arena Seasons are just coming out great because of seasons like these, we get to know new players and clans. Such kinds of the season should keep on be taking place on a regular basis.

8th Legendary Arena Season is all getting attention these days. From this season, we are getting best of the players, we are getting best of the clan members. These are all the details of this season. As soon as the 9th season will come, we will let you know. Stay tuned with us so that we can give you each of the smaller and little details of this game Clash Royale. This page congratulates to all of the winners and top most players and clans. New clans and players are emerging day by day and this is a good and a positive signal.

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