Deal Signed By 5Kong With Top Most Clash Royale Players

We have been getting these rumours that a deal has been signed with the top most Clash Royale players who are in China. This deal has been made by By far, this deal has been made with 35 of the Clash Royale players. The worth of this deal is 19.8 million dollars. As all of us know that some of the high profile kinds of tournaments are taking place in China. Major events with regard to Clash Royale are taking place and commencing in China. Just few times back, we had this Shanghai Live tournament. This Clash Royale has a major and massive significance in this Chian region.

Deal Signed by Chinese Streaming site- 5kong

The reports are that one of the Chinese streaming sites, that is has signed a deal with the China Clash Royale players. They have made and come up with the contracts with these players. These players are so far 35 in number. The worth of these contracts have been estimated to be 19.8 million dollars. These streaming rights have by far been secured to 35 players. These 35 players have been selected among those 64 Clash Royale players who took part in the 360 Clash Royale super league. For the information, all of these 35 players will be having different signing terms. Each of the individual contract worth will be different. The duration of these contracts and deals might be 1 to 3 years.

Purpose of Signing This Deal By The Clash Royale Players

According to this contract and agreement, players have to follow certain rules and regulations. They have to abide by the rules. They should be taking part in the streams as well as in the tournaments. If these players want to get the full and complete payment, then they have to follow these obligations. As we know that in this Shanghai live tournament, we managed to have 2.8 million viewers. From this number of viewers, we can get this idea that this Clash Royale is quite popular among the players and viewers. According to, this contract will for sure be boosting and enhancing the value of these 35 Clash Royale players. In China, lots of the best players have been left out but this streaming site will be making a contract with them too.

This fusion and combination of Clash Royale players and will come out to be a perfect one. Right now, is focusing in the China region. Sooner or later, it will be moving on to other regions too and will be making contracts with those players too. This is a great initiative that has been taken by this streaming site If more of such kinds of contracts will take place in the near future, we will let you know. All the best to all of these 35 players who have made this contract. Way to go!

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